Nginx-Hosting: 4 providers with the high-performance Apache alternative in the overview

Unlike Apache , nginx is more powerful, especially with many requests to the server. Although Apache may still be the standard on most hosters, there are of course some that rely on nginx. 4 of them, we will briefly introduce you to Cloud and Hosting as part of our theme week.

Why nginx instead of Apache?

The web server nginx can handle more requests in the same time than Apache, and because of the different way of working it also needs less RAM. This is particularly noticeable when many requests are to be processed at the same time, but as the graphic above shows, even when a page is called up.

This list is about hosters who offer nginx by default and with their packages do not immediately turn to people who also want to keep the server software itself up to date – so it is quite clear. If you know other hosters who offer nginx in the form of shared hoster packages, then write it in the comments!

Tune hosting

At Timme Hosting *  , all hosting packages run with nginx as the web server. Also installed is Google PageSpeed, HHVM and HTTP / 2. There is always an SSD for storage, and you can access the server with SFTP and SSH. The cheapest package costs 19.95 euros per month and offers five gigabytes of storage space and two MySQL databases.


For Aixpro , the nginx packages are listed according to the different CMS in the navigation, but they are always the same to choose from. Again, SSD is offered as a hard drive, you can use SSL over Let’s Encrypt. There is also PHP 7 support and HTTP / 2. The cheapest package with five gigabytes of memory and ten MySQL databases costs 17.99 euros per month.


The hoster ready2host offers the cheapest package with nginx “SSD Starter” for 9.99 euros per month. This includes a .de domain and a gigabyte of storage space. Access to the server is only available via the insecure FTP protocol.


CooliceHost offers nginx hosting in the US and Europe – among the six Geo IP locations is also one in Germany. The cheapest plan costs 2.98 euros per month and offers three gigabytes of storage space on an SSD with room for three domains. The packages are compatible with Google Page Speed ​​and the Cloudflare CDN is easy to integrate. Access to the web server is probably possible via SFTP.

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