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Since January there is the cloud server of 1 & 1  – according to the company from Montabaur in just 55 seconds ready for use. Strato offers with the ServerCloud a similar server where business customers and developers without setup skills can create an infrastructure environment with up to 100 virtual machines. 

The configuration of CPUs, RAM and SSD hard disk space can be adjusted at any time in both solutions. The billing is done to the minute with a base price of 7.20 euros per CPU, RAM or 100 gigabytes of memory per month – to pay depending on the selected resource configuration, not the actual consumption. 1 & 1’s cloud server for larger web projects or for CRM, ERP or intranet applications is based on VMware and offers a full API in addition to Plesk as the management interface. The virtualisation of Strato ServerCloud is based on Citrix Xen or Hyper-V and supports at 1 & 1 compared to Ubuntu and CentOS.

Incidentally, German competition with the pure public IaaS offerings from Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft offers profit bricks : The company from Berlin operates two data centers in Germany and advertises its classic infrastructure resources to AWS with aggressive prices.

May it be a little bit more?

If you want, you can get more out of the cloud. Because instead of pressing the increasingly better comparable resources such as computing power and storage at a low price level, some providers have supplemented the pure infrastructure offer by different value-added services. Especially customers with larger web projects are in good hands with more differentiated business solutions under the label “Managed Services”. 

But beware, under “Managed” are still very different levels of services summarized. For example, the enhanced services may include migration from existing cloud environments depending on the vendor, complementing content delivery network products and add-ons for backup and disaster recovery, or managing the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Managed starts with the bare server, as agency Webhoster Mittwald illustrates.

 In addition to the already configured dedicated and virtual servers with standard SSD disks and monthly runtime, Mittwald also offers a highly available managed cluster solution on two redundant managed servers for portals and shops with user numbers in the millions. A scalable workload distribution, however, companies realize among others at Host Europe. 

In addition to the also quite new dynamic cloud server, which offers an additional persistent storage option and behaves otherwise similar to the cloud servers of 1 & 1 and Strato, the provider from Cologne has something for larger claims in stock. TheHost Europe Managed Clouds * are based on either VMware or OpenStack and are capable of implementing individual private or hybrid cloud scenarios. At the same time, the Managed Clouds can be extended with additional services for network, storage and backup, infrastructure management, migration or monitoring.

Platform-as-a-Service is still lagging behind

While such services easily understand the need for fast, scalable resources, the Platform-as-a-Service level is not yet widely used in this country. Instead of just pure infrastructure, integrated runtime and development environments are also provided at the PaaS level. Well-known examples include Microsoft Windows Azure, Salesforce’s Heroku, and the Google App Engine.

 The application platforms contain, in addition to the operating system and middleware, for example, databases, programming environments or security applications. The administration of the server falls under the responsibility of the service provider, the users receive the complete package of infrastructure and ready-to-use software for development and operation of their applications.

With the Jelastic Cloud Platform  , service provider dogado offers a PaaS solution that calls itself Platform-as-Infrastructure because it provides additional IaaS benefits. Among other things, the platform supports the programming languages ​​Java, PHP and Ruby and manages public or private cloud environments. Servers can be set up quickly and easily using Jelastic and deploy all applications as well as the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with one click. And so that customers do not even have to make the configuration themselves, the platform scales resources fully automatically in real time.

Timo Mankartz, Director Sales at dogado, sees the benefit of Jelastic: “No agency today wants to deal with the administration, maintenance and operation of complex hosting platforms. Today, everything has to be immediately available and easy to use. “Software developers are finding a German alternative to dogado’s Jelastic Cloud Platform, among others, in the Berlin PaaS provider cloudControl .

Claranet concludes its alliance between hosting the infrastructure and running the applications running on it with the cloud platform  including managed application hosting. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Claranet not only takes on the provision and configuration of the private, hybrid or public infrastructure, but also the responsibility for databases and applications in operative operation.

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