Innovative hosting from Germany: Hostnet introduces managed root cloud

A cloud service that combines root privileges with the benefits of a managed server? Revolutionary Server Handling in the Cloud? Hostnet launches a new, cloud-based hosting solution called the Managed Root Cloud. We’ll show you if these promises can be kept.

Hostnet is committed to developing a new – and simpler – way of administering servers. It combines the convenience of managed systems with the power of a root server. Last year we were already convinced by this promise and soon the new version will be released, which we tested exclusively for you: the “Managed-Root Cloud”.

What should a “Dedicated Managed Root” server be?

Hostnet’s dedicated managed root server promises “real” dedicated servers. So the hardware is only used by one customer – without virtualization. However, the comfort of the “managed” principle does not have to be missed: Hostnet “encapsulates” access to certain parts of the hardware. 

This prevents a carelessness from culminating in a total server failure. Unlike virtualization, parts of the real hardware are accessed. Especially for small and medium-sized agencies, the concept behind the “Managed Dedicated Servers” is an interesting one, because the system is comfortable, offers security in dealing with the server – and that including the complete freedom via root access.

The next logical step? Transport this concept to the cloud.

Hostnet: The new “managed-root” cloud

The internet should rock again. That’s why the managed root cloud! Sebastian J√§schke, CEO

The administrator only knows this from international providers: Convenient server configuration and management via sliders, cloning entire servers with a click of the mouse, backups in the RAID 6 network and all this with a high availability of 99.9 percent.

If you do not want to use a terminal to configure e-mails, databases et cetera, easyTECC is offered in Version 4 – which, thanks to mobile optimization, is also a lot of fun on mobile devices. Although I tested a beta version, the managed root cloud feels very fluid and stable.

My conclusion to the “managed root” cloud: Innovative!

The “Managed Root Cloud” is infinitely configurable. (Screenshot: hostnet)

I especially like that this is something from Germany that is otherwise known only to hip startups from far-off San Francisco: innovation. Innovation when it comes down to relieving the user. Innovation when it comes to managing something abstract, such as a server, for a reasonable price of $ 0.02 per hour to $ 0.32 per hour.

You can decide steplessly how much processors, work or hard disk space you want to use. The “Managed Root” cloud offers you between two and 16 CPUs as well as between two and 32 gigabytes of RAM and between 200 and 1000 gigabytes of hard disk space. A deactivated server costs only 0.01 Euro / hour, no matter in which hardware configuration.

Reasonable price: 0.02 Euro per hour to 0.32 Euro per hourOf course, there are also shortcomings. Although Hostnet wants to make a lot of things easier, I stumbled over one or the other UX fineness. However, these were negligible little things, especially since I tested the beta version.

Especially for small and medium-sized companies such as agencies or demanding freelancers is the “Managed Root” cloud definitely worth a look: Impact of updates just test it out – without having to check before umpteen dependencies? Show the customer a change? Build an identical test environment? All without the risk of scrapping the project: With Hostnet, these tasks only cost me more than two clicks and a waiting time of about five minutes. Zero downtime. Easy. So.

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